Not for Sale

Public Installation / Art Slope Art Festival / Brooklyn, NY / September 2016

Public Installation / Art Slope Art Festival / Brooklyn, NY / September 2016

Not for Sale

New York City

Girl on Girl New York City’s first exhibition—Not for Sale: a newsstand installation project, created in association with the Art Slope art festival.

This pop-up newsstand was exhibited from September 17 to 25, 2016, under the Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial arch in Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY.


At any newsstand, you can expect to find objects that you—and thousands of other consumers—are all too familiar with. Daily newspapers, chocolate candy bars, celebrity gossip magazines, and cheese curls, to name a few. It doesn't really matter which newsstand you go to, all of them will provide you with the same, mass-produced products that you have learned to desire.

Not for Sale is exactly that—not for sale. It is a newsstand filled with art objects created by female-identifying artists who donated their beautiful works of art to be displayed in place of conventional, highly impersonal, mass-produced products of consumerism. These unique art objects allowed for a more personal experience between "consumer" and "product."

The five founders of our New York City chapter "worked" at the stand as shop attendants. In order to take home an object, a viewer had to engage in conversation with an attendant. The conversation served as a means of giving and receiving consent, taking place of the impersonal exchange of money for a product. The conversations between the viewers and attendants were mostly initiated as discussions about the work on display, the concepts behind them, and background information about the artists. Many of those conversations evolved into intellectual discussions about Feminism and related topics, and then onto getting-to-know-you exchanges. We even made some new friends. 


Contributing Artists

  • Olivia Accardo
  • Olivia Alonso Gough
  • Rebecca Anthony
  • Malaika Astorga
  • Tuesday Bassen
  • Katharina Behling
  • Chynna Campbell
  • Elle Chen
  • Mia Christopher
  • Gabriella Coll
  • Leah Miriam Cooper
  • Eel Costello
  • Lizzy DeVita
  • Emily Dunlap
  • Sophie Durbin
  • Leah Edelman-Brier
  • Jillian Evelyn
  • Kayley Flowers
  • Keaton Fox
  • Hope Gangloff
  • Courtney Garvin
  • Erin Geidman
  • Maegan Gindi
  • Patrice Gonzales
  • Daniela Gonzalez
  • Frances Goodman
  • Haesan
  • Anjali Harris
  • Zoe Hawk
  • Lillian Henehan
  • Cindy Hernandez
  • Ann Hirsch
  • Yoko Honda
  • Doris Guaier Huang
  • Haley Kattner Allen
  • Eri King
  • Kate Klingbeil
  • Lisa Kogawa
  • Sonnie Kozlover
  • Fabiola Lara
  • Hadley Leary
  • Alexandra Levasseur
  • Jhune Li
  • Caroline Locatelli
  • Cayla Lockwood
  • Cara Luddy
  • Grace Ludmer
  • Marsha Mack
  • Zoë Martin
  • Julia Irion Martins
  • Dina Martinelli
  • Amanda Xochitl Martinez
  • Caitlin McCann
  • Anna Mebel
  • Zoë Meighan
  • Nikita Merrin
  • Tsarina Merrin
  • Melanie Metz
  • Caroline Mills
  • Eden Mitsenmacher
  • Tara Morton
  • Cara Mullinary
  • Ambar Navarro
  • Jessica Nelson
  • Nastja Nykaza
  • Jess Øberlin
  • Lauren Oliver
  • Mariana Pacho Lopez
  • Sam Panken
  • Molly Pardoe
  • Adriana Pettinga
  • Sarah Pfohl
  • Liza Philosof
  • Ginger Q
  • Kati Rehbeck
  • Renée Reizman
  • Kyle Richardson
  • Lacy Rose
  • Jo Rosenthal
  • Adira Schiff
  • Natalie Soloperto
  • Lindsay Stripling
  • Amrita Strützle
  • Mara Tuccio
  • Cianna Valley
  • Victoria Wallace
  • Eliza Wapner
  • Danielle White
  • Elora Williams
  • Isolde Woudstra
  • Elif Yayla
  • Aimee Young
  • John Yuyi

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